Commercial Photography: It's Not Just for the Big Guys

by Deborah Proctor

It is said that "A picture is worth a thousand words." If you are an advertising or marketing professional, you know the truth of that statement. If you aren't, close your eyes and image a bottle of your favorite beverage sitting in front of you. What do you see? Is the top off? Is a little puff of fizz visible? Perhaps there is a drop of water sliding down the bottle's frosty side? Are you thirsty yet? Yes? That is commercial photography in action - creating desire in the viewer for a product, service, or experience.


Big business knows that the visual storytelling power of commercial photography will enhance their brand and image. If you are a small business owner or a non-profit agency though, you might be saying, "Yeah but...they're the big guys; they have deep pockets. Commercial photography is not for me."

But think about it — do you have a Website? Do you create brochures, advertisements, flyers, annual reports? Do you want to showcase your people, products, services, or mission in your display windows, showroom, lobby or board room? Do you sponsor special events? Do you use Facebook,Pinterest, or other social media channels? If the answer to at least one of these questions is "Yes," you need commercial photography just as much as the big guys, perhaps even more so.

Peter Oyen, owner of Rocket Bicycle Studio, understands the value of commercial photography. He hired Focal Flame photographer, Clint Thayer, for several commercial assignments to capture images of custom-made bicycles designed and built for individual clients. Some of the resulting photos have been used for prints for clients that are received upon pick-up of their long-awaited bike. Others have been licensed for use in web and e-marketing. A series of canvas wraps were created to provide unique, customized interior decor in the facility. Why did he make the investment in commercial photography? Oyen answers,  "We have used Focal Flame Photography for multiple situations. Pictures for our website. Large canvas photography for our studio. Which by the way, we continuously receive many compliments about. Focal Flame works so hard to help RBS stand out!"

Bell Giftos LLC, a Madison, Wisconsin law firm, wanted to portray a sense of professionalism yet approachability appropriate to the firm’s client-centered methods. They licensed black & white photographs by Thayer, for use in web and electronic marketing of the firm.

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin engaged Focal Flame Photography to create a series of images to be used in a bike advocacy media campaignpromoting the value of the bicycle as a means of transportation. The images, shot at multiple iconic Madison locations, were licensed for use in advertisements that ran in local newspapers and magazines, and appeared in newsletters, on billboards, and other key Madison locations. Amanda White, Associate Director at the time, stated,“Using a skilled, professional photographer to shoot local, Madison sites was vital to our campaign. The images are central to the campaign and the most powerful aspect of the ads."  

The Madison Area Sports Commission needed engaging, compelling photographs for their media files that would portray both the journeys of athletes and the experiences of spectators, volunteers, and sponsors at local events. The resulting photo essays were licensed for electronic and print use and are regularly shared with media outlets and prospective clients.

For more about these organizations and how they used commercial photography to enhance their image and tell their story read our commercial case studies.

Close your eyes. Can you imagine how commercial photography will help tell your story?

Whether you desire to project a professional business image or create eye-catching sales and promotional materials, quality commercial photographs will set you apart from the crowd. Professional headshots will help build relationships with potential clients or customers.  An experienced photographer covering your special event will assure memories not forgotten.  An artfully composed photograph of your product will stand out in advertisements and make a statement on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media sites.

Make a library of artful, engaging digital photographs created by Focal Flame Photography part of your vision. We will create personalized, custom images that showcase you, your business or agency, your mission, and your goals to have on hand so you can always make your best impression.

How would a media library of photographs help you connect with your customers or target market? Find out -contact us today.