Photography Classes & Lessons

Photography classes & photography lessons in Madison, WI: Learn from skilled instructors at Focal Flame Photography.

Unleash your Creativity with Photography Classes & Lessons in Madison, WI

“Photography is a love affair with life.” - Burk Uzzle (b. 1938)

If you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of photography, look no further. We are completely dedicated to this craft and art, we can’t wait to help you learn. Whether you are a beginner new to the subject, are trying to delve deeper into your DSLR camera, or are an experienced photographer seeking to expand your skill set, count on our instructors for practical, useful information. You can also count on Focal Flame instructors for unfailing approachability, encouragement, and good humor.

One-on-one Photography Lessons

Madison, WI-based Focal Flame Photography offers one-on-one lessons. Each photography lesson session is both responsive and simplified:

  • Responsive to your needs as an individual learner
  • Simplified because your instructor presents only useful, practical information in terms that are easy to understand.

Your lesson time is completely customized to your needs. We adapts our teaching style to fit each individual student's experience level, learning style, gear, and goals.

Schedule your lesson: Click on the button below and select "Education" in the inquiry form. Fee: 79/h. 

Photography Classes

Basic Photography. DLSR photography basics. New camera and new to photography? This is the class for you. Find out more.

Advanced Photography Techniques. This class is designed for students with a solid understanding of photography essentials and who are hungry to delve deeper. Pre-requisite: Basic Photography. Find out more.

Workshops. Topic-specific workshops are offered periodically on subjects such as digital image editing and processing, macro photography, and sports photography. Sign up for news about upcoming workshops. 

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