Professional Headshot and Portraits

Benefits of professional headshot portraits

A professional headshot is an expression of one's career and life’s work. Any field involving face-to-face consultation - such as real estate, healthcare, law, coaching, counseling, and retail - relies on professional headshots to convey an open and inviting presence. Headshots aid face recognition by clients and customers. Actors, authors, musicians, and others have long relied on skilled headshot photographers to showcase their portfolios. And a professional headshot is a versatile, critical element for an effective online presence on LinkedIn and personal branding at any stage of one’s career.

A headshot photographer facilitates this connection by highlighting your professional persona in a visually impactful way. Hundreds of clients have relied on Madison, WI photographer Clint Thayer and associate photographers of Focal Flame Photography for professional headshot images in our studio or on location.

For individuals, departments, or company-wide

In some cases, headshots (also known as business portraits) must be of a uniform style, such as when a collection of employee headshots is shown together as a set. In this scenario it is important for each individual’s personality to shine through, but for all of the professional headshots to have a compatible look. We provide on-location employee photo services for departments, business units, and entire companies. 

Need to show your creative side? 

In creative industries, a headshot bears more resemblance to the art of portraiture. Personality is depicted through varied composition, background, and appearance expressed through clothing, posture, or expression. For example, actor headshots hint at the dynamic range of the actor - even in a single portrait.

Comfortable, enjoyable sessions

Regardless of the intended use of the image, Madison photographer Clint Thayer focuses on making clients comfortable. “When someone enjoys the experience of creating their business portrait, that comes through in their expression,” says Thayer. “I often ask them about what they love about their line of work, and as they’re talking, their passion just lights up their eyes and face.”

From the booking to the selection, this process, quality and results could not have been better. Clint was very professional, warm and instilled a lot of confidence throughout. I could not be more pleased with my shots and highly recommend Focal Flame to anyone desiring quality service and product. Thanks!
— Julie Graziano
Clint was great to work with for our professional photos. He made the photo shoot extremely easy, comfortable and professional, which is rare in the context of professional photographs. He delivered excellent results and was a pleasure to work with. We will definitely recommend him to others and use Focal Flame’s talents for our future business needs.
— John Giftos, attorney
One of the things I really like about my favorite headshot is that I look professional and engaged, but also youthful and energetic, which is needed in my field. I definitely think I made a good investment in having these photos taken. The professional image you send out in the world is more important than you think.
— Kimberly Beck Seder, musicologist
Being my first “head shot” I was a little nervous but it was a great experience and I’m really happy with the photos.
— Mindy Wittig, Realtor
For my headshots, I wanted to convey professionalism and a very sharp look. I’d like for people to look at my headshot and think, ‘This guy’s got his stuff together.” Clint was very easy to work with. He knew what was going to work at the shoot and wasted no time in getting what he wanted. Of course I would recommend Focal Flame to others. If you want professional pictures, you go to Clint and Focal Flame.
— Jason Wilson, voice actor
I [usually] cringe when I see photos of myself. Thank you for making my session such a positive experience. I knew by enlisting you for head shots that the results would be phenomenal!
— Dianne Lahey, Aquatic Specialist