Conference Photography: Association of Universty Research Parks

Looking for a cutting edge conference photographer? Follow the lead of an agency committed to innovation.

The Association of University Research Parks (AURP) annual conference was held at Monona Terrace Convention Center in September, 2012.  Based in Arizona, the non-profit international organization has supported the development of research, science and technology parks worldwide for over two decades. A highlight of the conference was the AURP Awards of Excellence Luncheon. AURP contracted Focal Flame Photography to serve as official conference photographer in Madison, WI. The organization anticipated immediate need for award recipients’ photos as each award was announced.

Shooting with the latest professional DSLR bodies and lenses from Nikon, Focal Flame Photography is outfitted to handle the low-light challenges of conference photography. “The D4 and D800cameras are capable of delivering high impact, crisp digital files in real time, uploading photos instantaneously to Focal Flame’s computers or an Internet server,” says Focal Flame photographer and owner, Clint Thayer.  Conference organizers and marketing directors have immediate access to photos for updating social networks, web, and print publications.

The advantage of timely delivery of photographs isn’t limited to publicity. AURP used one of the photos Thayer took on first day of their conference in a slideshow presentation on the second day of the meeting. Conference photography turned over in real time increased the organization’s professional image for convention participants.

Although technology is important, state of the art equipment allowing quick delivery of photos means nothing without a photographer experienced in capturing both posed and spontaneous shots the first time. Focal Flame Photography’s ability to catch critical situations is the by-product of the company’s depth of experience.

With a background in sports photography, Focal Flame photographers understand that life happens fast. The solution to intense paces, whether they occur in a boardroom, in the conference hall, or on the sports field - still lies in outstanding skill and quick instincts with a camera. There are no second chances when conference schedules are tight, executives and stakeholders have deadlines, and key speakers are on the move.