Professional Headshots


Getting quality professional headshots in Madison, WI used to be something only actors worried about. But in our increasingly visual age, where LinkedIn is the new business card and networking though Facebook might lead to the next job interview, people in all fields need a professional image.

Professional headshots, also referred to as corporate headshots or business portraits, have one purpose: to present a powerful visual element that coincides with business or personal goals. The professional headshot offers instantaneous association between an individual's professional persona and their image. By authentically reflecting a person’s personality, the portrait can increase personal and career branding.

These exact reasons influenced Kim Beck Seder’s decision to have her picture taken. Beck Seder, a graduate student, had been awarded a scholarship by the American Musicological Society. “I decided to get a headshot taken since the governing body in my field wanted to put a picture of me up in front of everyone at the annual business meeting.  I figure it can’t hurt to have a professional photo taken to be displayed in front of so many people, some of whom might be interviewing me for a job in the near future.”

In addition to her very specific need for a headshot, Beck Seder realized some future employers may request a photo along with her application. Other uses of professional headshots include social media and websites, corporate publications, and promotional newsletters. Presenting a consistent professional image that communicates BeckSeder’s personality was important and influenced her selection of a photographer. 

Needing professional headshots taken in Madison, WI area, Beck Seder turned to Focal Flame’s photographer, Clint Thayer. She said, “I know Clint’s work and his passion for capturing excellent images – still or moving.  I also knew we’d have the flexibility of doing the photos outside, which really suits my personality and lifestyle. One of the things I really like about my favorite headshot is that I look professional and engaged, but also youthful and energetic, which is needed in my field.”

The importance of facial recognition to personal branding can not be underestimated. The unifying element between the LinkedIn page, the personal website, and the face-to-face handshake is a quality professional headshot. Thayer, who has shot dozens of professional headshots in Madison, WI for UW Department of Medicine, points out, “The value of a headshot is that it captures an individual visually just as a resume portrays them in words.”

Beck Seder concludes, “I definitely think I made a good investment in having these photos taken. The professional image you send out in the world is more important than you think.”

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