Realtor Headshots: Standing Out From the Crowd

by Deborah Proctor

If you are a real estate agent you know the importance of creating a positive image. It is your job to present the properties you sell in their best light and from the best angle. Do you take the same care when creating your real estate agent portrait?

Mindy Wittig, a newly licensed REALTOR®, grew up in a family of home builders.  Admitting that "given the choice of going to Home Depot or a shoe store, it would be a tough call," she has, over the years, bought and sold several houses —the kind that needed some TLC. Her five brothers taught her how to fix up her properties and move on to the next challenge — a good lesson for her life today. After years editing medical records, her career path ended unexpectedly and she decided to turn her love for buying and fixing up houses into a real estate career, a challenging but rewarding choice she says"suits her perfectly."


One of her first priorities was to have a professional REALTOR® headshot created.  "Having a professional take my headshot was extremely important to me. I knew the picture would be used on all my marketing materials, business cards, and personal website. This is the image that is in front of all potential clients as I build my business."

Being from Milwaukee, Mindy chose Focal Flame Photography because "they came highly recommended by a friend and they were willing to meet with me on short notice when I was going to be in Madison for a meeting."

Jered Schroeckenthaler is turning his love of architecture, especially the mansions of the early 1900s, into a real estate career. The father of four children, ages 2, 3, 4, and 6, chose real estate as a family-friendly alternative to flying all over the country calibrating instruments and computers in power plants and mechanical systems.  

For his official real estate agent portrait, Jered chose a distinctive pink with blue paisley tie that his grandfather gave him. When he wears the tie, he feels a special connection to his grandparents who inspired him to "create a legacy by doing things that matter every day, something to be proud of." He chose Focal Flame Photography to create his Realtor® headshot, because they understood that it was important to him to have a portrait that would reflect that legacy and  "identify myself as a brand."


Since many potential clients view listings online, your REALTOR® headshot is essential in connecting with potential buyers and sellers. It may be your only chance to make a good first impression.

So what does your portrait say about you?

Does it say you are personable? Professional?  Reflect your current age and experience? Does it tell the viewer a little about you without being over the top or tacky? Not sure what I mean? Take a look at some of thesecringe-inducing examples.

Your real estate agent portrait should tell your story without distracting props or backgrounds, outdated clothing, overdone makeup, or the family pet.  In other words, it should express the professional you are at a glance. 

How do you make sure that your REALTOR® headshot expresses the real you, sets you apart from the mass of other real estate agents, and truly connects with the clients who will appreciate your unique talents and skills?

Whether you are a new REALTOR® in need of your first professional real estate agent portrait or an established pro wanting to update your look, the photographers at Focal Flame Photography will meet with you, get to know you, and then create images that tell your story to potential clients.

To discuss how Focal Flame Photography can help you create a REALTOR® headshot that will stand out from the crowd in your marketing channels — direct mail, social media, business cards, Website, and more —  contact us.

For an interesting take on how to present yourself in your headshot, read Kimberly Brook's Huffington Post  Blog, The Art of the Headshot: Everyone's a Real Estate Agent

Are you a REALTOR®? Do you specialize in a certain type of real estate transaction? Why did you become interested in the profession? Share your thoughts!