Chiropractor Laura Konopacki on Selecting a Headshot Photographer

By Deborah Proctor

How do you choose a headshot photographer in Madison? For Dr. Laura Kanopacki, it meant focusing on quality and integrity. Returning to the States after seven years abroad, Laura Konopacki recently opened Body Wave Chiropractic near the intersection of University Avenue and Whitney Way in Madison. Knowing that an updated headshot photograph was a key element in her business success, she searched for a Madison photographer and chose Focal Flame Photography, over several others, to be her headshot photographer for multiple reasons.  "I was happy with examples of their work... every email or inquiry I had was answered promptly and clearly, and in dealing with [lead photographer and co-founder] Clint, I got the impression that he knows how to run a quality business with integrity...I trusted things would go well even before I had my photo shoot,"she explained.

How did Laura come to this juncture in life? She grew up on a dairy farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, where along with her four siblings, she enjoyed an active country life around the farm and on the nearby Sugar River. One summer during college, she lifted something heavy at work and pain shot down her leg making it nearly impossible to walk - which just wouldn't do, since she was leaving just a few days later for a two month backpacking trip in Europe. Rather than cancel her trip, she decided to give chiropractic care a try.  The treatment worked and she enjoyed a pain-free trip.


Upon her return she decided to become a chiropractor herself so she could help others alleviate the pain in their lives. She received her Bachelor of Science from UW-Stevens Point and a Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, GA, and along the way she has studied and applied various techniques in Europe, China, and Peru. We asked about her career choice and how she happened to end up in those far-away places.

Focal Flame Photography: What do you enjoy most about being a chiropractor?

Laura Konopacki:  "I practice a non-traditional method of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis.  A very precise, light touch on the spine cues the brain to shift from defense into healing.  Gentle waves develop and roll through the spine as tension, stress and pain are released.   

If I had to pick one thing though, I’d say it’s seeing kids turn their lives and health around with chiropractic care.  It’s really gratifying to see them begin following a different, happier and more empowered track."

FFPYou have traveled extensively in your work, both professionally and as an international volunteer. How have those experiences shaped your life and practice?

Laura: "Chiropractic volunteer work has given me entrance to the slums of India, orphanages in Brazil, and drug recovery centers in Spain.  I learn every time my life intersects with people whose experiences are so radically different from my own.

I’ve had the chance to work with everyone from homeless people to CEOs of large companies.  This has helped me see patterns that show up in people’s bodies and lives, both when things are not working for them, and when they’re in the zone.  This has upgraded my ability to help patients make significant and sustainable shifts in their health, outlook, and life."      

We also asked Laura about her Focal Flame headshot photography session:

FFP: What was the best thing about working with Focal Flame?

Laura:"I think anyone comes to a headshot photo shoot with insecurities and a bit of stress.  For me, the best thing about working with Focal Flame was how incredibly painless the whole process was...I would even go as far as to say it was fun! "

FFP: Would you recommend Focal Flame to others seeking professional photography? Why or why not?

Laura:"My Focal Flame session fit perfectly with my schedule, and we used a location that gave me great background options to choose from. 

I would highly recommend Focal Flame to anyone seeking professional photography.  My expectations were exceeded, and that is the kind of business where I want to direct my time and money.  I feel fully confident that others would have the same result." 

FFP:Thank you, Laura, for that endorsement. It was a pleasure working with you.

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