Video for Every Purpose: 10 Different Types of Video

Perhaps you're thinking about using video marketing for your business or organization, but you don’t know just exactly what you want. Here are ten common types of video that can be effective in marketing your products and services.

Talking head video

This familiar video format is what many of us think of when we think "video."  It includes a spokesperson and uses the standard head-and-shoulders camera shot, with the person speaking directly to the camera. Talking head videos are popular because they work well for a variety of purposes, from an introduction to a direct appeal.


Or, you can add another person to the mix and do some Q and A. You can either include both interviewer and interviewee on screen, or do it “news style” with the questioner out of the picture while the spokesperson answers the questions. In the latter case, the interviewer's can be edited out; the end result is the spokesperson responding to a series of prompts. This can be helpful because the speaker doesn't necessarily have to memorize lines or read from a prompter. To add visual interest, scene footage (called "b-roll") can be added. 

Video Tip Series

To increase online visibility, it's helpful to have a a series of very short videos. These are terrific for social media, because each one is a bite-sized amount of information that users enjoy watching while they look at their social media feeds. Creating a videos series of tips about your using your product or service can also work to establish your expertise in the field.


Testimonials can be a very powerful way of attracting people to your product, service, or cause. People we admire or relate to can influence us, and help reassure us about trying something new. Testimonials have the potential to connect with and influence potential customers.

Tutorial or "explainer" videos

Explainer or tutorial videos show someone how to do something more efficiently. These videos allow customers to see what it is they want to do in action by instructing or illustrating a concept. Tutorial videos serve to establish your company’s expertise and authority in a specific area, and when well-done, they do so in a captivating way.

Product reviews and demonstrations

How-to videos and video reviews of specific products or services are always a solid and popular choice for enhancing your online presence. Why are product review and product demo videos so popular? Because they work. Customers tend to have more confidence in their purchases if they have had a chance to see it working and/or hear about it from an experienced user beforehand.

Video public service announcement (PSA)

The combination of audio and visuals in video is an excellent way to affect people in a very powerful way by sharing information that directly impacts them, often by providing health or safety tips. Be clear and compelling - but you can also be creative, too. Through video, it's possible to evoke emotion while providing information. Together, this makes the information you share even more memorable.

Tour of location or facilities

Customers and potential customers often like to see behind the scenes.  Tours of your organization’s location or facilities can give them that peek. Or try a "day in the life" format, where you give a firsthand view of your profession, business, or organization from one person's perspective. It's a great way to draw people in by engaging their curiosity. 

Culture Videos

These days customers and donors care as much about why your organization does what it does, as they do about what you actually are doing. Video is a great way to show off your team,  your organizational culture, and your passion for your business and the people you interact with.


Sometimes known as a sizzle video, a "rah rah" video is a very short brand identity video. These videos often include high-intensity visuals and music, often with little or no voiceover. By conveying the emotion of your brand, they can be perfect to showcase on your organization’s home page and social media outlets.

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- by Suellen Adams