Video Profile: E3 Endurance Coaching Madison

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more of a story can you tell with a video? Adding motion and sound to the visual appeal can create a tug on the heartstrings that goes beyond written testimonials or still photos.

When business owner Zeus Arreguin wanted to tell the story of E3 Endurance Coaching of Madison, Wisconsin, he turned to the video production crew at Focal Flame Photography. He knew that it was difficult for outsiders and beginning athletes to see what a team—any team—was all about. 

He wanted to open the door to everyday people who are interested in triathlon, but who might be reluctant to ask what the team is like.

In essence, he wanted not just to tell people, but also to show them what it’s like to be an “E3er.”

More than that, Arreguin wanted this video production to attract people to the sport. “I want them to feel motivated, to lace up their shoes, pump up their tires, grab their swim suit and go workout…or for the newbie, go to their nearest endurance store and start a new hobby,” he says.

He wanted to show triathlon hopefuls that the sport is more than just another hobby. It can be challenging and hard work, but with the help of a team that accepts everyone and works together toward their goals, people can do things they never thought possible.

E3 focuses on providing a well-rounded professional coaching experience that helps people reach their fitness and life goals. Or as Arreguin puts it, they help hopefuls “become heroes in their own right, because they did finish their goals.” They treat every athlete as unique, and E3 coaches and staff rely on this video to highlight the passion and experiences of their community of unique athletes.

"Over the years I've witnessed the growth of E3, but it took this project to really get to know and understand what E3 is truly about,” explains Clint Thayer, owner of Focal Flame Photography.

“I've had the pleasure through this project to meet, interview, and watch this group of varied athletes— moms, fathers, daughters, sons, and beginners—help each other through the dark mornings and the sunny afternoons of pushing to a goal. What comes through in each encounter is how much they all love supporting each other and through that connection how each of them have gone further then they thought they could and their finish line is filled with a family waiting to celebrate alongside. It was an honor to tell that story."

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