A Study of Time and Motion in the West

During a recent trip to Colorado, Focal Flame photographer Clint Thayer created photo essays using time-lapse photography, light painting, and other techniques to help convey the astounding natural beauty of expansive land and starscapes. Here, he shares his thoughts on the experiences, as well as several favorites from the series.

It is no secret that I enjoy creative uses of motion and time in my work to help show the spectacular beauty of the passions and achievements of athletes in full flight. Motion in combination with light can create what I refer to affectionately as a soupy mix of fact, the effect is usually so good that it’s hard not to stop in your tracks and wonder a little.  (I like creating that stop-in-your-tracks experience so much that I plan on coming out with our own branded Focal Flame brake lights so we can rest easy knowing we are not going to hurt anyone. Safety first!)

During my time in Colorado I thought it might be interesting to take this idea of motion, light, and time but point the lens at the world itself.  What better area to study the elements and effects of time then the outcropped, weathered landscape of the Rocky Mountains and the unfettered sky at altitude. Below is a sampling of the full Colorado collection.  Feel free to browse all images here and order prints or postcards.

dsc_8778 - version 2-imp.jpg

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