Glow Run That’s Disco Meets 5K: It's Glow Time!

by Deborah Proctor

What do you get when you cross a 5K run with the dark of night, glow-in-the-dark accessories, and party zones pumping out live music? The ultimate glow run - It's Glow Time 5K!

Billed as "disco meets 5K," It's Glow Time 5K  is a fun run, with emphasis on the FUN! Unlike most running events where some members of the family watch from the sidelines, an It's Glow Time 5K makes it possible for the whole family to run 5K and glow together. There are NO timers, NO competition, just blacklights, glowing necklaces, silly glow-in-the-dark glasses, light shows, and DJs playing pulsing music guaranteed to keep your feet moving.


Dave C who participated in the run at Madison, Wisconsin describes It's Glow Time 5K as "the most fun I have had at a run event ever!"  When asked why he chose to participate in this 5K glow run, he replied,"I have done so many running and triathlon events for distance and endurance... this was an event that stood out for the fun party atmosphere."

Glow runs such as It's Glow Time 5K represent one of the fastest growing segments of running events. Why? Maybe because of the party atmosphere, or perhaps simply because they encourage the whole family to participate together.Young or old, you can run, walk, skip, or all of the above under the stars. And it's guaranteed that you will smile, laugh, and dance about. It's a 5K glow party!

Dave mentioned above "glowed" with 30 of his closest friends, including children ages 8-12. That camaraderie really "made the event" for him. He highly recommends that other runners try a glow 5K but advises, "loosen up a bit"... This should not be considered a race ... but an enjoyable experience."

There are many glow 5K runs out there, but there is one important difference between an It's Glow Time 5K and the other guys —FocalShareSM  — complimentary digital photos by the professional photographers at Focal Flame Photography. Knowing FocalShare complimentary digitals are offered at the event means participants can leave their cameras at home, forget about trying to take photos in very challenging low-light conditions, and concentrate on having a good time!

So invite a few of your favorite people, grab your running shoes, don your disco-iest clothing, and boogie on down to your nearest It's Glow Time 5K. Wondering what this glow run looks like? Check out the video below or on YouTube


(Make sure to watch this video in HD - click on the gear icon at lower right part of the video frame and select "720p HD".)

What are you waiting for? Get glowing!