Girls on the Run: One in a Million


In the photography industry, numbers tell a story. They tell a story of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, processing time for an editing workflow, select rate, downloads, and for digital photography even the magical aspect of translating a visual story through the 1s and 0s of a binary machine language. 

For Girls on the Run, numbers tell a story as well. They tell a story of empowerment, and impact, and engagement. They tell of a generation transformed through movement, joy, and conversation. And this year, they mark one million girls served by Girls on the Run International.

Focal Flame is indescribably proud to have served local chapter of Girls on the Run (GOTR) since 2011. So, as we celebrate the “one in a million” (or #M1LLION) campaign by the national organization, we’d like to take a moment to share the story of Girls on the Run-Dane County, by the numbers:  

  • Date Girls on the Run Dane County was founded: October 27, 2004. (National organization founded in 1996)
  • First season for Girls on the Run-Dane County: 13 girls
  • Number of girls served by GOTR-Dane County since then: over 6,000
  • Number of volunteer coaches: over 1,500
  • Number of teams: 360
  • Number of Dane County sites for Girls on the Run: 65
  • Grades served: 3rd through 5th (Girls on the Run), 6th through 8th (Girls on Track)
  • Scholarships awarded by GOTR-Dane County: over $175,000
  • GOTR-Dane County race photos taken by Focal Flame Photography: over 18,000

Keep the numbers, and the smiles, going - join us for the spring Girls on the Run Dane County 5K on June 6, 2015 at McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg, WI, volunteer, or donate!

- by Robyn M. Perrin