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Event Photography: Fast. Good. Professional. Count on Focal Flame Photography as your event photographer in the Midwest and beyond.

Focal Flame Photography is your event photography solution for running, triathlon, cycling, and other events in the Midwest and beyond.

We Know Events...

For race photography & event photography, our professionalism is our calling card. We provide high-impact event photography that not only captures athletes' smiles, but leaves you smiling too. A race director's job is hard enough; worrying about your event photographer is the last thing you need. 

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Tired of hearing racers ask, "Are my photos ready?" We understand the need for speed. Athletes train for maximum velocity. So do we. You won't find faster turnaround time in the industry. Your participants waited long enough to compete; we won't make them wait for the memories. 

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Remember: when your athletes don't look good in their race photos, your event doesn't look good either. Focal Flame photographers understand aesthetics, light, and timing. They have the skills and experience to make your racers - and your event - look vibrant and true to life. 


From grassroots events to novelty runs with thousands of participants, we've seen it all and have professional solutions. Contact us today.

FocalShare™ Free Digitals

We've offered FocalShare services for several years, and it's a thing of beauty: participants get free digital downloads of high-impact professional photographs. They share them on social media. A lot. And every one includes your logo or that of a sponsor. The reach of these images is tremendous - on average, each FocalShare image receives at least 30 views in an online photo gallery, exposure that’s multiplied 5- to 10-fold as an image is shared on social media. 

It's a win-win-win: Participants love receiving free FocalShare digitals (win). That goodwill extends to your event and spreads the word that it's not-to-be-missed (win). And sponsors will be stunned at the impact, making them leap at the chance to be on board for next year (win). 

Learn more about FocalShare™ Free Digital Photos

Conventional Pricing Structure

Not ready for FocalShare services? If you need event photography services where your participants purchase their photos out-of-pocket, learn more about our Conventional Pricing and give us a call.

Events We Serve Include: 

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Race Day Events loves having Focal Flame at our races. The pictures he’s taken are the most artistic and beautiful event photos we’ve seen by far; they’ve been great for marketing our events online, and are an awesome memento for our participants.
— Ryan Griessmeyer, Race Day Events LLC
I just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing photos that were taken at the Verona Triterium this year. I just received an email from [another event photography company] who took photos during Ironman Wisconsin this year. The photos are above average quality on framing and on timing but they don’t compare to shots taken in Verona. Going through the pictures from the Ironman made me realize once again just how fantastic the pictures from the Triterium were. I have never had any race photography capture such great shots before and I am extremely appreciative.
— Peter Fillipi, triathlete
I’d like you to be at all the races I do!
— 2014 Polar Plunge participant
[Focal Flame Photography founder] Clint Thayer is not only a gift to our area but he’s a gift to sports photography on a much wider scale. His deep affection for understanding the science of photography and the innate sense of composition blend together in beautiful results.

If you look at his portfolio, you see what he can accomplish but my recommendation surpasses those qualities. He is somebody that marries a project and becomes personally involved.
— Steve Donovan, Madison Shamrock Shuffle Race Director
I have to give you guys some love. I’ve participated in a couple of events now where you’ve done the Photography. I’ve been thrilled with all the pictures. I’m a coach for Girls on the Run and loved how you worked with whomever/offered-however it came about that those pictures were to be accessible to the girls and families for no cost.

I did the Polar Plunge this weekend and will absolutely be purchasing a photo or two - Great timing, quality photos, and it’s easy to see that you all love what you do. Great job and keep it up!
— Amanda Rihn, coach & Polar Plunge participant



I received my pictures yesterday and they are spectacular! I had such a great time with my group of “adult-onset athlete” girlfriends and you captured it perfectly! I generally abhor pictures with me in them, but when I looked at these and saw on my face how happy I was that day, how much I love the sport and what I do for “fun” that I had to have them. I’m so glad you were there!
— Jackie, triathlete
Clint and Robyn are fantastic people and amazing at what they do! They always go above and beyond, I highly recommend them to every race organization I’m involved with. Their attention to detail is spectacular and the added value they provide is exceptional, they take the time to understand the organization/cause behind each race and even help promote it through social media.
— Julie Holberg Race Director/Owner, Limitless Sports & Design, LLC