Madison Marathon Profile: Paul Gill and Abby Evans - Love on the Run

Paul Gill and Abby Evans met and got to know each other through running, so it is only fitting that when they run the Madison Half Marathon on May 29, 2016, it will be a week before their June 4 wedding. We caught up with them briefly to learn more about how running has influenced their lives together, and what the Madison Marathon events mean to them.


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Madison Marathon Profile: Lisa Helmuth

The Madison Marathon is the perfect event for Lisa Diane Helmuth (50) of Middleton, WI—it combines running and Madison, two things that have been part of some of the happiest and some of the saddest times of Lisa’s life, including the loss of her son James at the age of 10 due to adrenal cancer. Lisa's family honors James' memory by raising funds for children in need to participate in academic and athletic opportunities. She finds solace in running. For Lisa, “there is nothing quite like the feeling of running in Madison”. 

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