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What is Custom Sports Photography? Custom Sports Photography Honors the Journey of an Athlete     

Every athlete has a story to tell. Some athletic journeys begin with transformation: a vow to regain fitness leads to not only improved health, but a renewed sense of freedom and confidence. Some journeys are about healing, or a celebration of life.

  • A cancer survivor begins training for a 5K.

  • A father and daughter begin cycling together.

  • A retiree races triathlon to fulfill a lifelong dream.

  • A son begins competing in endurance races while raising money to fund cancer research after losing his father to disease.

  • A high school soccer player drills endlessly, laying the foundation for a college scholarship.

  • Bonds of friendship develop between teammates over years of practicing together.

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Ultimately, athletic journeys are purely about joy, and competition, and dedication. Digging deep to train harder and compete more strongly than you ever thought possible - for the love of the sport.

Focal Flame Photography offers custom photography to capture your passion – on camera, and in words. Whether you want to document race day, training, or a non-competitive event, our photographer will work with you to understand your goals and personality. Clint Thayer captures the essence of the action with a keen sense of timing and composition. You don’t have to strike a pose or do anything special;when he is taking photos, all you have to be is you

Through photo essays of races and training, we create works of art that will be treasured for years to come. In addition to traditional prints, digitals, canvases, and photo books, we also offer completely unique story + photo books. Our writer will interview athletes, family members, coaches, teammates, and friends. The result is a professionally written personal history, stunningly illustrated with custom sports photos. Each book is one-of-a-kind. 

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Other notable features

We offer custom sports photography for both individual athletes and teams or clubs. To find out more about team photo sessions, click here.

Contact us today at or 608.772.0048 to schedule a consultation. Or submit an inquiry about custom sports photography through our web form (indicate "Custom Sports" as the event type). Don't delay - high-demand events such as long course triathlons and season-highlight gamesoften book a year in advance. 

The book looks fantastic. I am truly in awe of both of you and your talents. I will treasure what you have made for me the rest of my days.
— Kitty Clark Cole
You... are amazing people and so incredibly talented! I’m lucky to have hooked up with you... I will continue to follow your website and recommend your work to everyone I know!
— Lorie Anderson
The whole family is quite impressed with the story and photos. The emails have been flying back and forth and many of us had to hold back the tears when we finished reading the story. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. The writing was great and the story you put together was perfect!...Your product is phenomenal.
— Arrietta Clauss
Clint Thayer is not only a gift to our area but he’s a gift to sports photography on a much wider scale. His deep affection for understanding the science of photography and the innate sense of composition blend together in beautiful results.

If you look at his portfolio, you see what he can accomplish but my recommendation surpasses those qualities. He is somebody that marries a project and becomes personally involved.

He has the great passion for the subject - just as much as I did. He became a great companion in every project he takes. Whether it was photography for the Madison Shamrock Shuffle, Ironman Wisconsin or my 40th birthday, he pours himself into the art of photography. ”
— Steve Donovan