Focal Flame’s talented, dedicated and experienced professional photographers provided tailored lessons to all individuals looking to learn more about the art of photography. Whether it’s learning the basic operation of your DSLR camera, the “exposure triangle” or perfecting your use of studio lighting and model directing, Focal Flame instructors coach you to success. Practical, simplified, professional instruction straight from us to you.


Photography 101; The Basics

Learn the fundamentals of DSLR camera operations; how to compose and shoot a quality image, the “Exposure Triangle”; ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, camera and focus modes, simple settings that instantly improve your photography and how to achieve effects like motion blur and bokeh.


Advanced Photography Techniques

Already understand how to use your equipment? Deepen your knowledge of the craft with a tailored lesson including any of the following; studio lighting, sports or nature photography techniques, advanced AF techniques, in-depth discussion of lenses and equipment, portraiture and composition.


Grab Bag

Need further instruction in ANYTHING photography related? Focal Flame Photographers are an encyclopedia of knowledge; let us teach you about editing tools, software and techniques, workflow management, modeling direction and poses, product photography, set design and anything that sparks your curiosity.