Event Video Photo



Focal Flame Photography specializes in high-volume race photography; snapping professional quality participant images for cycling, running and triathlon events. Focal Flame Photography provides individual participant photos in a matter of minutes, which runners love to share on social media. Event photos are watermarked with the event’s logo and boost the goodwill and appeal of race directors’ events as they circle social media.



Focal Flame has a rich history in producing high-impact, gripping and informative videos for clients, their products, services or events. Any story; from a 30-second highlight clip, to a full-length documentary are easily within Focal Flame’s repertoire. Our mission is to tell your story in its full-capacity, with professional cameras, proper lighting and excellent sound, creating a final product which teaches, inspires and captivates. The talented storytellers at Focal Flame Photography will work with you at every step to deliver a breathtaking product to your website, social media or email list.



Focal Flame Photography has years of experience taking stunning business portraits, product photography and commercial photography, showcasing the best of your event, service or business. High-quality photographs tell the story of your product, brand or services in an instant and let potential costumers determine exactly who you are. Focal Flame photographers help you craft that message with stunning, artistic and rich storytelling shots which deepen the pull of your brand and the appeal of your service.