Sports Photography Enhances Marketing Activities of Madison Festivals Inc.

A commercial sports photography contract was the perfect solution to a marketing dilemma facing organizers of the Madison Marathon. When the decision was made to move some of the Marathon associated events to Saturday evening, the marketing staff had a predicament. They had no images of participants running at night to use in promoting their event.

While event photography focuses on participants on the course, commercial sports photography highlights specific elements event organizers want to showcase. So as they were planning this year’s Twilight 10K and Kids’ Fun Run, the marketing staff was anticipating future years. Madison sports photographer, Clint Thayer, came to their rescue, demonstrating his understanding of the nuances of commercial sports photography.

Wanting photos that could be described as “dynamic,” Scott J. Smith, Event Marketing Director for Madison Festivals Inc, was drawn to the images found on the Focal Flame Photography’s website. “They were gorgeous. They had movement and depth, and fit perfectly with ideas of how we’ll promote the event,” Smith stated.

Madison Festivals Inc. organizes the annual Marathon events.  Concerned for the safety of the participants and congestion on the course, changes were necessary this year. Madison Festivals Inc. worked with representatives from the police department, fire department, medical staff, the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau, business groups and neighborhood associations to offer the best solution for all: Saturday evening races. With a vision towards future event success, the Madison Festivals Inc board contracted with commercial sports photography services from Focal Flame.

“After the event, I was elated with the quality and variety of the images.  There is so much energy,” stated Smith.

Energy is vital when promoting a sports event, as the planning takes months.  Smith shared he will start working on the 2013 events in November. “Personally, I can’t wait to start again. I’m excited to share these outstanding images.”

Smith explained further, “The photos quickly convey the fantastic spirit of the event. We are sure to see the participant numbers far exceed those of 2012.” Madison Festivals Inc. plans to use the commercial sports photos for print ads, their website, and other promotional literature. 

Focal Flame Photography facilitates this future use of contracted photos before their photographers pick up the camera, from advising clients on model release needs to developing a clear understanding of how the commercial photography images will be leveraged in print and digital form.

Reflecting on the assistance given in the pre-event stage, Smith shared that Focal Flame owner, Clint Thayer, “was fantastic to work with from the get-go.”

Smith is especially excited about marketing plans for the 2013 Kids’ Fun Run and sharing Focal Flame’s work with anticipated event sponsor, the YMCA. Smith said enthusiastically, “Clint made the Fun Run look like the coolest thing ever. What kid wouldn’t want to be involved?”