Our Mission

What does the flame in our logo stand for? Inner drive. Passion. Dedication.

It's the spark that glows within when you are striving for something bigger than yourself. 

It's the drive that propels athletes toward a finish line or a goal, ignoring screaming muscles and burning lungs.

It's the moment when you know your life's work has lit a fire within you, and you can't wait for Monday morning.

It's the reason that an entrepreneur burns the midnight oil and a nonprofit leader gathers the strength to shine their vision throughout the world. 

Our mission is to capture these stories. Wherever the ember of the human spirit glows, we'll be there.

When you persevere at finish lines, courts, roadsides, and fields, we'll be there. When you show your game face to the world, we'll be there. When you create, we'll be there. When you inspire, we'll be there.

We provide sports photography for athletes, headshot portraits for professionals, and commercial photography and video production for businesses and nonprofits. 

Our roots are in the Upper Midwest and our lenses stand at the ready for storytelling around the world. 

We are Focal Flame Photography, and we are on a mission to spread positive energy through visual storytelling. Your fire kindles our creative focus. Every day.