Is the FocalShare™ iOS app free?

Yes! Just search for Focal Flame or FocalShare on the App store (or click here), and install it directly to your iOS device.

Does it work on both my iPhone and iPad?

Yes.  We have designed the app to take full use of both a smaller phone screen as well as the full range of screen sizes on Apple iPad tablet devices.

Where can I share the photos?

The application uses the built-in routing tool for iOS devices, allowing you the ability to share your image(s) to social media platform applications installed on your device such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally you can save the high-resolution image file to the local device photo library for later sharing, editing, and archiving.  As photographers, we care a great deal about making it easy for you to find and use your photos!

Can I save the photos to my device?

Yes. See above. Select the photo, click on the download icon at the top right of the screen, then select "Save Image." This will save the file directly to your device's camera roll.

Can I save / share multiple photos at once?

Yes. Tap the word "Select" in the top right corner, select the images you would like to share/save, and then tap the built-in routing icon in the top left corner.  Be mindful that each image will take a moment to download.  If you are on a slow internet connection we suggest waiting until you are able to access a faster connection.

Can I search for my photos by bib number?

Yes. Use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in your bib number to search for images tagged with this number in either a specific gallery, or an entire event.  Additionally, you can search for additional photos when you are displaying a photo that has an identifiable bib. After selecting a photo, tap "Search for Bib XXX" (text at the bottom of the photo), and the app will search for all photos from the same event with that bib number.  If multiple bib numbers are associated with the photo, you can select which ones you're interested in.

Help - I can't find my photos, what do I do?

First, review the missing bib galleries.  Images are displayed in order based on the time at which the photo was taken, so if you finished early, check the beginning of the gallery. We also suggest you visually inspect the assigned bib galleries as well in case a bib number was mis-assigned. If you were alongside a partner (team mate, running partner, etc.) during the event, check their bib numbers as well. If you are still having problems, shoot us an email and we will attempt to locate your images.  Please provide the general time at which you finished, and a description of what you were wearing.

Why not an Android version?

Our research indicates the majority of people viewing FocalShare™ race photos use iOS devices.  We know there are some Android users as well and have plans to release an Android version in the future, but do not have a definitive timeline.  If you are an Android user, we would like to hear from you!

Can I share my photo directly to Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram’s API doesn’t include a share sheet plugin at present, so our developers can’t enable one-click sharing. However, you can save your photo to your device as described above, then open the Instagram app and select your photo from Camera.

I participated in an event served by Focal Flame Photography, but I don't see it in the app. Why not?

Only photos from events that include FocalShare services are included in the FocalShare app; photos from "conventional" events (racers pay for photos) are not. (Alternately, it is possible that you have participated in an event that we do not yet serve.) In either case, please feel free to recommend Focal Flame Photography and FocalShare free race photos to event directors!

I have other questions. How do I reach you?

Feel free to send an email to Please allow a few business days to respond.

I'd like to test future versions of this app, or have ideas to make it better. Can I contact you?

Yes!  Send us an email at and we would love to listen and if possible, add you to the testing team.