Headshot Types


Individual, Department or Company-Wide Portraits

In some cases, headshots (also known as business portraits) must be of a uniform style, such as when a collection of employee headshots is shown together as a set. In this scenario it is important for each individual’s personality to shine through, but for all of the professional headshots to have a compatible look. We provide on-location employee photo services for departments, business units, and entire companies. Having quality, consistent headshots for all employees at a company, no matter the size, is an essential element of a strong professional presence and a welcoming atmosphere from a future clients perspective.


Creative Portraits: Artists, Musicians, Craftspeople, Graduates.

In creative industries, a headshot bears more resemblance to the art of portraiture. Personality is depicted through varied composition, background, and appearance expressed through clothing, posture, and expression. Actor headshots, and portraits for creatives, hint at the dynamic range of the individual - even in a single portrait.

Focal Flame will assess your art and personality closely and tailor a session and setting which capture the essence of who you are–something to make your website, profile or personal advertisement pop with uniqueness.