Cycling Product Photography

Guru. Ridley. Argon 18. Alchemy. These brands may not be familiar to casual bikers, but for passionate cyclists craving custom-built frames, their mere mention can set hearts racing. Companies such as these are dedicated to crafting high-end frames that combine aesthetics and precision engineering. To portray such bicycles as highly functional works of art, cycling product photography steps in.

The journey for each custom bicycle begins with frame manufacturing based on the rider’s physique and measurements. From there, a myriad of decisions are made to select groupset, wheelset, seat tube, saddle, handlebars, pedals…even the colors of handlebar tape and cable housing.

It’s no surprise that the completed bicycles are as muscular as sports cars, with gleam and aerodynamic lines that make them appear fast even when standing still.

“When I photograph cycling products in the studio, my eye is drawn to details of the frame and components,” said Focal Flame Photography founder Clint Thayer. “But even as I concentrate on image composition and product lighting, I can’t help but think about the hundreds of engineers and designers whose talents brought these stunning machines from concept to reality.”

Focal Flame Photography has worked on cycling product photography assignments to create photos for Rocket Bicycle Studio, which sells a variety of custom-built bicycle brands. Images have been licensed for web, print, and display advertising. Are you a bike industry professional? Contact us for your next cycling product photography project.