Comm Types

Commercial Types



Presenting your product in an aesthetic, crisp and straightforward manner is essential in making an impact on your future clients. Focal Flame photographers study each product with a keen artistic eye, expertly highlighting all the essential details of your product and produce striking images from every angle.



Documenting an event is much more than just capturing the main speaker. It is about documenting the essence and feel of your event; every smile and distinct moment. Focal Flame’s images of your event showcase what made the occasion unique and specific to you. Sharp eyes and quick reflexes guarantee Focal Flame’s photographer capture all the key moments.


Advertising and Marketing

Quality advertising and marketing photography can further the goals of your company’s campaign by leaps and bounds. Professional images elicit certain moods and emotions in viewers which are essential in furthering the story of your company or service. Focal Flame has years of experience capturing the spontaneous, the emotional and the beautiful. Let us photograph the best of who you are.