The Video Production Process: Role Of The Creative Brief

So you've decided to start the video production process for visual storytelling of your organization—or perhaps you're considering this in the near future. Our team can't wait to work with you!  Let's examine the process, starting with the creative brief.

Video for Every Purpose: 10 Different Types of Video

Perhaps you're thinking about using video marketing for your business or organization, but you don’t know just exactly what you want.  Here are ten common types of video that can be effective in marketing your products and services.

Choosing a Video Spokesperson

You’ve decided to promote your business or organization with a video. Now you need to make some decisions about who is going to speak for you. You may be thinking, “I’m not the spokesperson type, I’m not like Flo (the insurance persona) or 'the most interesting man in the world' (of beer commercial fame).  The good news is that you don’t need to be any particular type of spokesperson. Instead, when you are choosing who will speak on behalf of your organization or brand, consider the following attributes.

Video Profile: E3 Endurance Coaching Madison

When business owner Zeus Arreguin wanted to tell the story of E3 Endurance Coaching of Madison, Wisconsin, he turned to the video production crew at Focal Flame Photography. The result? A video that truly shows not only what triathlon training is like, but what it's like to experience it as a close-knit team.

Using Video to Promote Your Nonprofit Organization

Philanthropic donors today are inundated with choices.  Video is a powerful way to bring their attention to your cause, and do it quickly. In just a few moments you can capture their attention, communicate your message, and make a call to action. But there are a few things to consider before embarking on the video journey. Check out these tips.

Madison Marathon Profiles: The Kraemer Family

Each year over 3,000 volunteers work at events such as the Madison Marathon that are organized by Madison Festivals, Inc. Volunteers' efforts help them raise money for their favorite charitable causes. The six members of the Kraemer family have long participated in helping the Madison Marathon and other events run smoothly. We recently spoke to Kevin Kraemer about his family’s involvement and what it means to all of them.

Madison Marathon Profile: Glenda Adams

Glenda Adams is a familiar face among runners in the Madison area. Besides being a talented runner, she serves as a part-time photo editor for Focal Flame Photography, the official photographers for the Madison Marathon events. Here, Glenda describes why she loves competing in races—including the Madison Marathon.