Wisconsin Cyclocross 2010: Best When Shared


You gotta love cyclocross. Said to have originated in Europe about a century ago, the sport involves fitting "road" bikes with fatter tires and cantilever brakes, then racing off-road in circuits punctuated by hurdles and hills. It's been described as the cycling equivalent of steeplechase, quite literally: the first cyclocross racers would chase each other across farmers' fields to the next town, with the town steeple as the only guiding point. It's part obstacle course, part mountain biking, part criterium, with a large helping of raw and raucous cheering.

In Wisconsin, cyclocross is a big deal. So much so that the 2012 and 2013 Cyclocross National Championships will be held in Madison, January, no less. So it comes as no surprise that CX racers in the Midwest take the Wisconsin 'cross schedule pretty seriously, while still having some serious fun.

"I love photographing this sport," says Focal Flame photographer Clint Thayer. "Absolutely love it. The chance to catch riders bunny-hopping over hurdles, carrying their bikes up hils, all set against a backdrop of falling leaves and crowds cheering like mad - it's just a blast." Throughout the 2010 season, Thayer photographed clients at various cyclocross races throughout the state - and always, additional racers would approach and ask if by any chance they might purchase some prints or digital photos. Cyclocross is best when shared among friends, and photographs are key to reliving the joy of the race.

Orders Fulfilled Faster than a Speeding 'Cross Racer

After looking into various possibilities for an expanded online storefront, we think we've found a solution for buying prints and digital files that will be easy and accessible. Colors that run true are critically important, and the quality of our print vendor really blew us away. They also offer some hard-to-find options, like fine art-quality giclee watercolor prints and ready-to-hang photos printed directly on metal.

We hope you like the new and improved storefront. We will be adding additional races over the next few days so check back often and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for release updates!  Please let us know your thoughts. And most of all, keep riding, keep cheering, and keep sharing your love of the sport.

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