"Tangles" on Display at CPM Members Show

At first view, the image shows a network of tendrils. Lines enmesh with one another, spontaneously interwoven until the thin strands create something substantial. “Many people ask me if it’s a beard, if it’s hair, but almost everybody asks me what it is – which I really like,” said Clint Thayer. “I think it’s also a good representation of negative space. The deep blacks, and the highlights.”
Currently on display at the University of Wisconsin Hospital as part of the Member’s Show of the Center for Photography at Madison, “Tangles” is a black and white macro photograph. While many viewers are unsure of the exact identity of the subject, most guess that it is organic and living – which, as it turns out, is exactly the case. “It’s the root structure of a plant that was growing at Olbrich Botanical Gardens,” said Clint. A personal favorite, Clint finds the image to be particularly symbolic. “I named it ‘Tangles’ in part because for me, at that time in my life, it symbolized how interconnected things are. I would have to say there’s this sense of peace I have when looking at it; it’s a reminder that things are connected, and if you make a change here, you make a change everywhere.”

The annual show by CPM members includes over 50 works and is on display from March 10 until April 15 at the C5/2 Surgical Waiting Skylight Lounge at the UW Hospital, located at 600 Highland Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. “I was very impressed with the work on display.” said Clint. “All the photos are for sale, as well.”
Original prints of “Tangles” are available for purchase.  Print runs are limited to ten prints in each of five sizes.

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