Actor Headshot Photography: Jason Wilson, Voice Actor


If you think about it, hardly a day goes by without hearing the talent of a voice actor. Whenever you listen to the radio, television, movies, or online videos, professional voice actors make messages come alive and keep audiences engaged, and yet relatively few are recognized as household names despite the importance of their craft. With an uncanny ability to alter their vocal pitch, inflection, and accent, professional voice actors can emulate a wide range of characters and ages.

But does a voice actor need a headshot in their portfolio? Absolutely, said broadcaster and voice talent Jason Wilson, who goes by Jason Ryan on-air. A radio professional with over 16 years experience, Jason said, “Just because I use my voice, doesn't mean they shouldn't see my face, right?”

As afternoon air talent for Lite 107.3 WSJY (Fort Atkinson, WI) and announcer for theNAHL Junior A League Janesville Jets hockey team, Jason realized that he wanted to also pursue additional avenues as a voice professional. “Voice acting is an extension of what I do at my radio station,” said Jason. “I’m able to create with sound and paint a picture using my imagination.”

Selected to be represented by the talent agency Lori Lins Ltd with offices in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, Jason found need for an updated actor headshot in his portfolio. One challenge: extremely short notice for the interview with the agency.

DSC_8669 copy-imp.jpg

No problem whatsoever – Focal Flame Photography was able to book a session that met Jason’s timeline. Photographer Clint Thayer and assistant Josh talked with Jason to determine his desired look. “For my headshots, I wanted to convey professionalism and a very sharp look.  I’d like for people to look at my headshot and think, ‘This guy’s got his stuff together.  He didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday,’” said Jason. “But I didn’t want anything too ‘stuffy’ or ‘formal,’ just something nice and clean.”

The resulting images covered a range of poses and styles, and Jason selected some classic black-and-white images with clean composition for his signature actor headshots. Mentioning that the photo shoot was relaxing and fun, Jason said, “Clint was very easy to work with.  He knew what was going to work at the shoot and wasted no time in getting what he wanted.” As for recommending Focal Flame Photography for headshots to other acting professionals, Jason was straightforward. “Of course I would recommend Focal Flame to others. If you want professional pictures, you go to Clint and Focal Flame.”

As Jason anticipates upcoming auditions through the talent agency, he expects a range of opportunities that will allow him to stretch himself creatively. “As I told [agency representatives] at the end of my orientation, ‘Just keep feeding me.’  I’ll do whatever they throw at me because I know I can do it and do it well.”

We couldn’t agree more. Jason’s future sounds great – literally.

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